Keys To Us Ltd® – The best way to get where you’re going when you can’t drive..

If you have driven somewhere and need assistance, just use Keys To Us Ltd’s Designated Driver Service to get both you and your vehicle home safely. We will dispatch a team of two drivers to your location, one of our drivers will drive you and your guests home in your vehicle. The other driver will follow in the Keys To Us Ltd. chase vehicle. It’s a convenient and affordable way to avoid leaving your car and having to return again the next day. All of our professional drivers are fully screened and arrive in a business uniform.

In compliance with Oshawa licensing By-Law 120-2005 some restrictions apply to pick-ups in Oshawa. Please consult for additional details.

Keys To Us Ltd. Offers convenient ways to order the DD Pick-up Service:  1.800.439.0339 or download the Keys To Us Ltd mobile app